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MAREK Mechanic Qualified

This program is designed to accelerate the proficiency of employees in becoming safe, productive, and qualified mechanics, to provide coaching on tasks deemed critical to the trade, to provide direction and guidance to employees in determining their career goals, and to provide a means to evaluate employees for the purpose of identifying potential future leaders.

NCCER Knowledge Verified

NCCER’s National Craft Assessment and Certification Program (NCACP) evaluates the knowledge of an individual in a specific craft area and provides a prescription for upgrade training when needed. All assessments are based upon the NCCER Curriculum and have been developed in conjunction with Subject Matter Experts from the industry and provide MAREK craft professionals with an industry standard credential.

MAREK Coach Qualified

All MAREK OJT coaches and field supervisors acquire the Coach Qualified credential. This credential verifies that leaders in our organization possess the tools required to effectively mentor new craft professionals. Workers who are taught by an effective program of structured OJT coupled with good coaching can be expected to learn more quickly, and to exhibit less variability in task performance.

MAREK Certified Professional

MAREK developed the MAREK Certified Professional Program in order to identify and recognize our most skillful and productive mechanics and to provide a clear career path for those who wish to advance their careers. MAREK MCP’s are recognized throughout the organization as having attained the highest credential offered to the workforce and is considered the “gold standard” of recognition for our craft professionals.

Join the Gold Hard Hat Family

Join a winning team of committed craft professionals, many of whom have been part of the MAREK family for more than 10 years and wear the MAREK gold hard hat.

Whether you are an experienced craftsperson, a hands-on worker interested in learning a trade from the ground up, or exploring a career change to the growing construction industry — MAREK's craft training provides opportunities for craft certification and promotion to field supervisory, safety and training leadership roles.


Marek Career Map

Career Map

Fast-Track Workforce Development Program

MAREK's competitive Workforce Development Program provides a fast-track career path for high achievers.

Progress through on-the-job training on major projects, mentoring, hands-on labs, classroom and other training to learn steel framing, drywall installation, acoustical ceiling installation, and installation of interior specialty products. Learn leadership skills for both work and life as you grow into a coach, expert craftsperson, field supervisor or other MAREK leader.

Registered Apprentice Program

In addition to MAREK's structured on-the-job craft training, some offices offer a registered DOL apprenticeship program to provide entry-level employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in today's fast-paced construction industry.

Experienced Hiring

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Construction Career Collaborative (C3)

Construction Career Collaborative (C3)

MAREK is committed to attracting top talent to our industry and developing a sustainable workforce for the future. MAREK is a founding member of C3, the Construction Career Collaborative, an alliance of socially responsible owners, contractors and specialty contractors. On C3 projects, owners commit to ensuring all contractors are C3 certified and support 1) hourly and overtime payment standards, 2) safety training, and 3) craft training and development.

At MAREK, we believe in preserving the culture of leadership and quality by passing down our knowledge, skills, and pride in our work to the next generation of craft professionals.


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NCCER Credentials
NCCER Credentials