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Houston’s ABC13 Features Construction Career Success Story from Training Program at Community Family Centers

Construction Citizen’s Elizabeth McPherson joined MAREK’s Laura Contreras on a jobsite last year
to discuss her success through a NCCER training course at Community Family Centers (CFC). After completing the program at CFC, Laura was immediately hired by MAREK to work in their new flooring division.

While Contreras’s mother was taking English language courses at CFC, she learned about the NCCER training offered there, so Laura took the course in which she enjoyed working with tools. “It gives you a chance to build, destroy, and build again,” she told me. She said the teachers opened doors for potential employers to “look you up.” In this way, Contreras met someone from MAREK at her CFC graduation who interviewed her and hired her that same day!

When she was asked what she likes about her job, she said: “What do I like? That you start something and you actually get to finish – you get to see the finished result. When you see something and think ‘oh this is impossible, you are never going to finish,’ and there comes a day when you think ‘oh my, we did that? This is so beautiful!’ – You get to experience that.”

This past week, ABC13's Jeff Ehling caught up with Laura Contreras to speak about her success in the construction industry and give those who are out of work due to the pandemic some hope:

If you are in an industry that shows no signs of coming back anytime soon, the construction industry is in need of workers and can offer a promising career.

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