Reveals & Specialty Trims

Once upon a time, houses and apartments had rectangular rooms with square corners and ninety degree angles. Residential drywall trim consisted mostly of conventional metal corner bead. But times have really changed, and today’s houses (and apartments) commonly have features such as arches, rounded corners, off-angles (not ninety degrees), bullnose returns at windows and doors, reveals and many more. What all of these features have in common is that they all are best accomplished using specialty drywall trim pieces.

MAREK was one of the first residential drywall companies to use vinyl trim accessories on our jobs to ensure that arches were perfectly round, and off-angles were crisp, straight and true. Prior to this, it was common to see wobbles and flat spots in arches, and wavy lines on the off-angles. Another common practice is to build up the joint compound in off-angles, like where a sloped ceiling intersects a wall. This softens the angle and hides a lot of problems, but it looks sloppy and becomes a source of constant repairs when hairline cracks appear in the built up angles. Vinyl trim accessories may add additional cost to the job, but the result is a better job that is pleasing to the eye and will stand the test of time.

Many contemporary design homes use reveals in lieu of conventional wood trim at the base of walls and at door and window casings. These reveals are accomplished using extruded aluminum and vinyl trim pieces, and their proper installation is a process that has very little margin for error. The human eye can pick up even the slightest variations in a ½” wide reveal around a door or window jamb. MAREK craftsmen have not only mastered these techniques; we came up with some of the innovations that help to ensure that reveals not only look perfect immediately after installation, but for years to come. When it comes to reveals and specialty trims, MAREK is both the innovator and the expert.

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