In Your Project.

Since 1938, quality has been the cornerstone of everything we do. Our fully bonded, skilled craftsmen use only the finest national brand products and advanced techniques, while our internal quality control department inspects ongoing work at your job site to increase workplace efficiency and ensure your project remains on schedule. The combination of our thoughtful pre-construction planning and our interior construction expertise ensures you always receive a superior product that stands above all others. With our quality backed by a guarantee, you can truly depend on a job done right when you choose MAREK for your project.

Commercial Services

Marek believes in the team concept and approaches every project knowing that Coordination and Sequencing are the keys to success and your ultimate satisfaction. The combination of our interior construction expertise and our expansive network of qualified partners and affiliates results in a superior product that goes above and beyond ALL others. We are a fully insured and financially sound interiors contractor with solid bonding capabilities. So, whether you are looking to build out one floor or ten, add a conference room, reconfigure office space, update your bathrooms and kitchen facilities, remodel a lobby, or make repairs on any of the above. With our professional employees and a network of qualified partners and affiliates, Marek commercial services has everything you are looking for to get the job done. From big to small, we can do it all.

Drywall framing, cold formed metal framing & engineering, shaftwall systems, insulation, sound isolation ceilings, and metal trusses. Drywall, specialty wallboards, trim accessories & reveals, Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum, and finishing.
Fee based project design assistance with modeling for light gauge exterior framing systems, interior framing systems, drywall systems, acoustical ceiling systems, and resource loaded scheduling assistance.
MAREK takes pride in understanding the details of all ceiling types. We are knowledgeable in a diverse range of products ranging from acoustical ceilings, to custom wooden and metal panel ceiling systems, as well as pre-manufactured fabric panels.

Fireproofing – MAREK installs fireproofing by using fire-resistant materials in a building to help prevent collapse, and allow safe egress of occupants in case of a fire. Fireproofing insulates a structure from heat, that can be applied through various methods based on the specifications and building codes.

Interior and exterior painting, special coatings and textures such as Duro-Plex®, Zolatone® and Venetian Plasters, and all aspects of wallcovering and wall protection.
There are many ways to control sound energy and reduce the amount of sound reflectivity, but not all methods are versatile, visually appealing, or economical. MAREK furnishes and installs custom NRC absorbent fabric wall panels and ceiling systems that exceed each of these criteria.

Design assistance, engineering and budgeting of single or double roller window shades, manual and motorized systems; at any mounting condition, motor type, control system or interface.

Our Special Projects Team has the ability to self-perform all of MAREK’s trades on your project. This allows us to be the “single point of control” and deliver the ONE MAREK concept to you and your tenants on your commercial and institutional projects.

Residential Services

Since 1938, the name Marek has been synonymous with drywall construction. In the past 75 plus years, we have become the leader in pioneering new methods of drywall application. Long length wallboard, double nailing, screw attachment and premixed joint compounds are just a few of the steps we had introduced in offering greater quality and a more professional approach to drywall construction.

Today, Marek continues as the industry's leader. As always we are finding new and better ways to serve customers throughout the United States while relying on the time honored service and technical know how that has enabled us to become the industry's number one drywall contractor. So, for your drywall and texture needs in tract housing, custom homes, or apartments, look to Marek's residential services for the kind of service that builders have depended on since 1938.

For information concerning Marek’s residential services, please contact:
Houston: Brent Ballard 713-235-0755
Dallas: Sumner Hunter 972-304-9373
Austin: Randy Smith 512-312-2830

The wood framing that is used in the vast majority of residential construction presents unique challenges and problems. A wood stud or joist is not an engineered product, and each piece of wood behaves differently when exposed to changes in temperature and humidity. Since the Mareks hung their...

Textures are an important part of residential construction. Styles change over the years, and it is often possible to date a house by the type of texture on the walls and ceilings. Texture serves not only a decorative but a functional purpose. When artificial or natural light shines across a...

Since ancient times, the nicer homes had smooth walls and ceilings made of plaster. This remained true until the 20th century and the invention of gypsum board. Today, the finish of choice in many multi-million dollar homes and condominiums is gypsum board with a smooth Level 5 finish. And MAREK...

Once upon a time, houses and apartments had rectangular rooms with square corners and ninety degree angles. Residential drywall trim consisted mostly of conventional metal corner bead. But times have really changed, and today’s houses (and apartments) commonly have features such as arches,...

Ensuring that sound doesn’t travel through a building has become increasingly important to our customers. Dad wants to watch action movies with surround sound in one room while Mom is on the phone in the next room and the kids are sleeping upstairs. Recent years have seen the development of many...