Ceilings & Acoustical Solutions

Have you ever had issues with noise or a disturbance coming from another office? Maybe your neighbor loves the speaker button on his/her phone. Or maybe you sit next to the office gossip and they always have stories to tell… loudly. Regardless, in conjunction with the other building materials surrounding you, the ceiling plays a major role in giving you the versatile and functional work space you long for.

There are several types of ceilings in typical office settings. When you look up from the seat at your desk you may see drywall, plaster, fabric, but most commonly will notice the checkerboard pattern of grid and tile that make up the acoustical, or rather, lay-in ceiling. A lay-in ceiling’s main function is to help create an acoustically pleasing envelope for each room and its occupant. When thinking acoustically and how it can help you, remember that the ceiling grid and tile above your head together form a barrier that can help give you the privacy you desire, allowing for a more productive work space. In addition, the acoustical ceiling plays a significant role in light reflectance, helping to maximize your space’s natural or artificial light source and can be a key factor in maintaining a constant moderate temperature.

However, not all acoustical ceiling components are created equal. Two calculations, the noise reduction coefficient (NRC) and ceiling attenuation class (CAC), are used to measure an acoustical ceiling’s ability to both soak up and deflect sound. These numbers not only vary from tile to tile, but even vary between slightly different versions of the same tile. It’s easy to select a ceiling tile and grid based solely on how they look, but with the variations available, much more difficult to pick components that are both visually appealing and perform to high standards. Marrying the two ideas will help keep your office productive, and assist in attracting the newest wave of talent to your company.

MAREK takes pride in understanding the details of acoustical ceilings. We are knowledgeable on a diverse range of products and how they can make your space more pleasant for everyone from the CEO to his/her administrative assistant. Let us be a part of your next project; planning, designing and installing an often overlooked but integral part of your office space.

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