Sound and Fire Rated Assemblies

Ensuring that sound doesn’t travel through a building has become increasingly important to our customers. Dad wants to watch action movies with surround sound in one room while Mom is on the phone in the next room and the kids are sleeping upstairs. Recent years have seen the development of many new products to help control sound transmission. We are familiar with all these new products and offer a wide variety of sound control solutions for media rooms or any other area of the residence where sound is a concern.

When working on multi-family construction, the builder simply cannot afford the risk of having substandard work on the sound and fire-rated assemblies. Imagine the cost of replacing all the ceilings in 300 occupied apartments when a construction defect is discovered because tenants complained about noise from their upstairs neighbor. The exposure is so great that some building owners are now calling in third party inspectors to ensure that all tenant separations and other rated assemblies have been installed correctly and per specifications. With fire ratings, it’s not just a question of liability but also the safety of the people who will live in the building. With so much at stake, why gamble on a cheap contractor who might be tempted to cut corners to make his budget? MAREK understands the critical nature of these assemblies and has the experienced project managers, supervisors and workers to make sure the job is done right.

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