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Hands on Learning

MAREK Construction Academy offers a real-world, hands on experience taught by a Certified Craft Instructor with almost 30 years of experience. Students learn safety, drywall, finishing and framing. Start building your future today!

Old Solution Offers New Potential in Developing a Well-Qualified Workforce

How do you get a job without the right skills or credentials? How do you gain the right skills or credentials to get or succeed in a job if you can’t pay for the education needed to obtain them? From an employer’s perspective, how can you attract eager workers, ensure they develop the skills they need, observe their suitability for long-term employment, and see a return on your investment?

Corporate Craft Training Specialist

A construction craft professional was just assigned his first supervisor position as the jobsite foreman. Things went relatively well while the crew was small. As other crafts ramped up, it was necessary for his crew to increase in numbers to keep the job schedule on track. As he was accustomed to working with an experienced crew, he didn’t know his new hires for the jobsite would be less experienced and more entry-level.

In Houston, ABC National President Mike Bellaman Encourages Craft Professionals to Author Their Own Future

Craft professionals in construction have the “gift of choice” and the chance to be the author of their own future. That was the main message from Mike Bellaman, President and CEO of the Associated Builders and Contractors, as he spoke to students graduating from the Workforce Development Program at MAREK this year.