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The Positive Impact of Training in the Construction Industry

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When you ask Sam Nunez, Corporate Controller at MAREK, what he thinks about training programs at work, he will give you a straightforward answer. “It’s not an option, it’s a must. You’ve got to have (a training program.)” In fact, Sam believes in the value of training employees so much, that he recently shared his insight on a panel at the Construction Financial Management Association Annual Conference. This conference brings together controllers and CFOs in the construction industry to share best practices and insights, and learn from one another. Sam, who serves as the Chairman of the Specialty Trade Committee for the Association, was excited to contribute by sharing his knowledge on a panel: Engage Your Employees Through Training Programs. He spoke alongside fellow panelists Justin Martin, President and CEO of Corbins Electric, and Michelle Walker, VP of Finance and Administration of SSC Underground and Chair of the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

While the conference took place recently, Sam’s emphasis on training programs began in the early 2000’s. He credits the vision from Mike Holland where, after a meeting with Superintendents, Mike personally realized the great need for succession planning. Today, both Stan Marek and Mike Holland continue to support and share this vision for the development of our people. This support and vision has allowed Sam to see the key role that training plays in building our future leaders at MAREK, and developing them from the moment they step foot into the MAREK family and throughout their time with us.

You may be wondering why training would be a main topic of conversation at a financial conference, and Sam’s point above illustrates it perfectly. Training is the key to developing a career path for our employees, and helping them obtain the skills they need to be on that path. From a financial perspective, the more we grow our people now, the more skills they can bring to the job that will positively impact the bottom line. It also ensures that our business is set up for success in the future by helping those who enter our doors now develop the skills they will need to run work years down the road. This is a crucial piece to the success of a business, and one that MAREK takes very seriously.

MAREK’s leading emphasis on training brought helpful tips that Sam was able to share with others during the talk. Topics of conversation included NCCER, and the key foundation of skills and trainings that it provides. But we don’t stop there, as all panelists agreed that basic certification isn’t enough. To provide crew members with the additional necessary skills, we have developed in house and partner trainings, on the job coaching programs, the MAREK Certified Craft Professional Program, and leadership certifications, among other offerings. Sam emphasized that beyond the technical skills required for a role, a significant component is ensuring that each crew member develops well rounded leadership and management skills to lead people. This can range from how to manage a crisis or different personalities, to engaging customers and projects managers, and more.

We are proud of our commitment to training at MAREK, and truly believe in the value that it brings to each and every one of our employees. We look forward to collaborating with leaders internally such as Sam, as well as our partners in the industry to continue to drive forward and develop our people, all while developing our business at the same time.