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by Christel Qualls-Rhineberger on Jun 5, 2010

The 6 AT&T Parking Garage was started on May 7, 2010, with awarding general contractor HC Beck. Running the project is HC Becks project manager, Kevin Newton and Superintendent Ronnie Salas along side Marek's Miguel Servin, Moises Sanchez Jr. and Tommy Weeks. The three story parking garage with 4" heavy gauge exterior framing and dens-glass… read more

by Christel Qualls-Rhineberger on May 15, 2010

 The Sammons/Collins Building is located at Baylor University Medical Center across the street from the new center. The building is to be completely renovated and to improve the access to all floors this project is adding an elevator tower to the west site and extending the stair connector on the north side to all 7 floors. Our scope of work… read more

by Christel Qualls-Rhineberger on May 15, 2010

We have just substantially completed Phase 1 of this project for MEDCO Construction and Phase 2 is about to start. The project is for UTSW on the 4th Floor of the Laboratory Research and Support Building. It is a unique project requiring us to construct a highly pressurized and controlled environment. The drywall ceilings are framed with heavy… read more

by Marek Brothers on Apr 30, 2010

On Tuesday, the 17th of April, MBS San Antonio hosted a group of Construction Science and Management Students from the University of Texas at San Antonio. The students are in a class titled "Estimating II." MBS is a founding member of the CIAC (Construction Industry Advisory Council: for the CS&M program at UTSA. At a recent career fair,… read more

by Christel Qualls-Rhineberger on Apr 9, 2010

[[{"fid":"452","view_mode":"default","fields":{"format":"default","field_locations[und]":"3","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"","field_image_tags[und]":""},"type":"media","attributes":{}}]] Marek Brothers will be participating in the BIM’s (Business Information Modeling) coordination of… read more

by Christel Qualls-Rhineberger on Apr 7, 2010

UT Southwestern had a contest for the employees to come up with a new safety slogan. 61 employees from the project's construction trades entered the contest. With 4 categories, and 1 judge from each trade to determine the winners, and the winners would receive a girt card. The 4 categories were: 1.)Personal Protective Equipment2.)Fall Protection3… read more

by Christel Qualls-Rhineberger on Mar 8, 2010

Crystal Bridges Bentonville, AR  [[{"attributes":{},"fields":{}}]]The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art is envisioned as a premier national art institution. The Crystal Bridges project, located in Bentonville, Arkansas will consist of 8 building nestled in a wooded area across a flowing creek and is a work of art in itself. The entire complex… read more

by Christel Qualls-Rhineberger on Feb 1, 2010

MBS DALLAS / FORT WORTH TEAM WAS HONORED MBS Dallas/Fort Worth News-- On January 13, 2010 at the State of the Company two groups of people were acknowledged. The Safety Team was honored to receive the local 2009 Construction Safety Excellence Award. The purpose of the Construction Safety Award is to recognize the companies that excel at safety… read more