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Stretch & Flex

Our stretching program helps our employees increase their overall flexibility and range-of motion for better and safer performance. 

Stretching is recognized by numerous experts as having many benefits. This fairly simple and effective activity may decrease the risk of injury, increase work or activity performance, and minimize muscular soreness. Stretching, if done correctly, can also lead to increase in the normal range of motion that leads to better flexibility. This increased flexibility allows for greater range of motion through the joints. Ultimately, this will contribute to a greater amount of force that can be generated. Being flexible enables us to bend, reach, twist, and turn with more ease, making everyday tasks much easier to execute. However, not everybody who stretches does so properly. This may lead to ineffective routines or possible injuries.

Some common mistakes made when stretching include:

Performing stretches in the wrong order
Improper warm-up activity
Over-stretching the muscles
Inadequate rest between stretches
Bouncing while stretching

Therefore our supervisors and management staff have been trained to recognize stretches that are executed incorrectly. By monitoring our employees we can correct them as soon as possible to reduce the risk of injury due to incorrect stretching.