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by Marek Brothers on Apr 7, 2020

During these trying times created by the COVID-19 virus, it struck me just how important the construction industry is, and specifically the craft workers that build our structures. It is not a coincidence that those that make up the construction industry are considered essential along with first responders, healthcare workers, and grocery store... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Apr 2, 2020

Construction work is considered and essential business, as our industry is responsible for keeping, highways, office buildings, hospitals, chemical plants, schools, churches, arenas and shopping centers. As the situation keeps developing, we will continue to review all official government orders and updates. Your supervisor will advise you on the... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Mar 23, 2020

  WATER BOTTLE USE Experts don't believe your reusable water bottle can spread the virus. But you should definitely be cleaning it diligently, regardless of an outbreak.  Prior to drinking from a new water bottle, be sure to inspect that the seal beneath the cap is secure and not broken. Use your plastic water bottle for water only as other... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Mar 19, 2020

This guidance is based on what we currently know about COVID-19 as provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.SYMPTOMSSymptoms include fever, cough, and shortness of breath – similar to influenza or a bad cold.PREVENTIONWash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that... read more

by John Hinson on Mar 19, 2020

MAREK Dallas recently attended and was the networking sponsor for the 2020 AIA (American Institute of Architects) TEXO Economic Update held at Edison’s in Dallas. Anirban Basu, Chairman and CEO of Sage Policy Group presented a national economic overview for 2020. Mike Rosa, Senior Vice President of the Dallas Regional Chamber’s economic... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Mar 11, 2020

This zero tolerance means that certain unsafe employee actions will automatically result in suspension from work. So that employees understand what these actions are that will result in suspension, we will recap the WAR ON FALLS safety violations that will result in a minimum two-day suspension.LADDERSStanding on the top or first step of a... read more

by Marek Brothers on Mar 7, 2020

The Rational Middle podcast hosts Chris Lyon and Loren Steffy — with the help of immigration attorneys Charles Foster and Jacob Monty — dive into America’s troubled history of employment verification, workforce recruiting, education, misclassification, and the subsequent impacts on our workforce. They also discuss potential pathways to a solution.... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Mar 7, 2020

You most certainly have heard recent news stories about an outbreak of Coronavirus across the globe that generated in China, as well as the diagnosis of a small number of related cases here in the United States.While the news stories can provide useful information, their sensationalist tone can often frighten the listener and exacerbate concern.... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Feb 28, 2020

Electricity has long been recognized as a serious workplace hazard, exposing employees to such dangers as electrical shock, electrocution, fires and explosions. However when we talk about fires, is also important to mention that sprinkler systems are installed in projects to prevent fire breakouts inside buildings, but when these lines with high-... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Feb 20, 2020

DISCIPLINARY POLICY All companies, no matter what their business, have certain rules of behavior, which must be observe to ensure a productive, safe operation. The Marek Companies are no exception. For the welfare of all of us who work together on a day-to-day basis, certain actions are serious enough to warrant disciplinary procedures. Therefore... read more

by Mike Holland on Feb 12, 2020

How do you get a job without the right skills or credentials? How do you gain the right skills or credentials to get or succeed in a job if you can’t pay for the education needed to obtain them? From an employer’s perspective, how can you attract eager workers, ensure they develop the skills they need, observe their suitability for long-term... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Feb 12, 2020

ACCIDENTSIn the event an employee is involved in an accident or sustains an injury while on the job, they must report it to their supervisor immediately regardless of its severity. First aid supplies are normally maintained at jobsites to take care of certain minor injuries. When medical attention is warranted, the supervisor will assist the... read more

by Marek Brothers on Feb 11, 2020

MAREK is one of 200 plus UpSkill Houston partners working collaboratively to ensure Greater Houston has the skilled workforce to advance our region’s global competitiveness while creating pathways to opportunity for area residents. We encourage our fellow employers to join us in this critical initiative.The following article was authored by Peter... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Feb 7, 2020

ATTENDANCERegular and on-time attendance is essential to the efficient operations of the Company, and is an essential function of every employee’s job. Excessive absenteeism and tardiness are not only inconvenient, they are also costly problems. While it is recognized that occasional illness or personal reasons cause unavoidable absence or... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jan 30, 2020

Sprains and strains continue to be one of the highest types of injuries within our company. By following a few simple rules, many of these injuries can be avoided or their severity greatly reduced. Medical evidence has shown that performing warm-up exercises before work and after breaks reduces strain and sprain type injuries.These rules are:Warm... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jan 23, 2020

Let's take a quick test. How many basic senses do we have at birth? Name them. Is it one.... two.... four? I'm sure we all agree the answer is FIVE. These five senses are SIGHT, HEARING, TASTE, TOUCH and SMELL.If you were faced with sacrificing four of these five basic senses, which ones would you keep? Most people would keep their sense of SIGHT... read more

by Grace Johnson on Jan 21, 2020

The following blog post was written by Grace Johnson, Safety Advisor at MAREK's Houston location.I was recently given the opportunity by MAREK, along with one of our Field Foreman, Jaime Ramos to participate on a discussion panel hosted by the AGC Houston. The panel consisted of 6 individuals both male and female, discussing the obstacles women... read more

by Jorge Vazquez on Jan 15, 2020

When we do accident investigations, a lot of times we’ll find injuries can be attributed to some type of distraction.Although it may not be possible to eliminate distractions, experts say steps can be taken to minimize them and recognize when they occur.Different types of distractionsWhen people are distracted, they are not paying attention and... read more

by Marek Brothers on Jan 14, 2020

Pop quiz: What’s the most valuable resource in construction? If your answer is a specific building material, process, or even technology, you’d be incorrect. Construction’s most valuable resource: people.

by Jorge Vazquez on Jan 7, 2020

 How long you work for us is based on how you safely perform your job and meet the production expectations of your supervisor.Every Front Line Supervisor is responsible for timely reporting of all work-related injuries, accidents and fall exposures. To properly carry out his duties, today we are reviewing with all employees, the responsibilities... read more


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