Houston Baptist University


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Houston, TX
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Educational Facilities
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WS Bellows

In April of 2007 Houston Baptist University opened the latest addition to its campus, the Joella and Stewart Morris Cultural Arts Center. The Cultural Arts Center comprises four major campus additions: Belin Chapel and Recital Hall, McNair Hall, University Theater and Auditorium and University Museums.

Belin Chapel and Recital Hall:
The Chapel and Recital Hall's contemporary design and circular construction is unique. There is no conventional stained glass that is typical in most chapels. There is warm wood paneling, stained wood flooring and vibrant red fabrics. The 365 seat facility is equipped with an audio/visual package and state of the art acoustical features. Located along the 360 perimeter are 24 glass reinforced gypsum column covers that are 23 feet tall. At the exterior of the Chapel there are 7 glass reinforced concrete column covers and a cross that stands 47 feet.

McNair Hall:
Encompassing nearly 18,000 square feet of open space, McNair Hall anchors the Morris Cultural Arts Center Complex. The 14 glass reinforced gypsum column covers that stand 43 feet from floor to the double arched gypsum ceiling, and the many windows that allow for bright natural light allow for a dramatic, open, and invited space for a wide range of special events.

University Theater and Auditorium:
The University Theater and Auditorium features a floor level and two balcony levels of seating. The 1,200 seat theater is equipped with a black painted theater stage, orchestra pit, group and individual full dressing rooms, full theater rigging system and audio/visual package. There are 6 glass reinforced column covers that are over 43' tall. The acoustical design of the theater required special construction of drywall partitions and ceilings.

University Museums:
What was original started as a 4,000 sq foot museum building was later increased to accommodate over 12,000 sq feet of exhibit space. Three museums now share the space: The Dunham Bible Museum, the Museum of American Architecture and the Museum of Southern History. The museums have ornate glass reinforced gypsum column covers and domed ceiling.