Frost Tower


Marek Location
Project Location
San Antonio
Project Sector
Office Building/Headquarters
Pelli Clarke Pelli
General Contractor
Clark Construction

MAREK Houston obtained the manual roller shade scope of work for the base building, and soon followed up with the automated roller shade scope of work for the Frost Bank build-out. This project has been the largest single shade project dollar-wise the Houston branch has ever seen.

The building itself, in the shape of a semi-rotating star, has both major and minor faces which required several different versions of the same product. After numerous coordination efforts and countless hours in San Antonio with multiple mock-ups, a system was devised that would satisfy the client. The major faces of the building would receive a Shadeloc roller shade system. This system placed individual shades in a “zipper” track on every standard window which would keep the numerous pieces of fabric both taught and in place. It was an enormous undertaking, but with the proximity of both people and furniture to the windows, would prove perfect for the situation. The real challenge, however, came in the minor faces of the building. Wider at the top of the building than at the bottom, the minor faces changed on every floor of the buildout. Every single part of their installation was a challenge, from measuring to commissioning. Due to the changing shape of the building and glass in these areas, the shades would have to be cut at various angles, slope at different degrees and at times be installed on top of one another to appropriately cover the facade. This made the Shadeloc system impossible at these locations and a series of guide cables were installed to keep the fabric in place on the automated system.

With scheduled completion looming on the intricate system, production of the very detailed shades being slightly off schedule and both a general contractor and owner expecting MAREK to be 100% complete, the final two weeks installing the minor faces became a hardship for the installation crews but in the end a triumph of collaborative efforts. Receiving labor assistance from a number of other MAREK branches (San Antonio, Dallas, Harlingen), and on-site leadership (and sometimes installation assistance) from a number of MAREK Houston staff, the final two weeks were a flurry of activity. Having to work evenings due to partial building occupancy, the crew worked tirelessly for hours on end to finish the project. Each evening of work presented a new challenge, a new floor and potential to do bonus work in other areas to lighten the workload for future nights. The assembled group of men and women from all over the state, spearheaded by Houston formed friendships over nightly “lunches”, tireless walks back and forth from the hotel and mutual respect of one another’s abilities, completed the project before the anticipated move in dates on each floor. The push, while predicated on some early failures had become one of resounding success.

Total Floors: 13
Total Man Hours: 12,000
Peak Field Manpower: 28 Installers
Total Shade Bands: 1,300
Total Motors: 800

Key people who worked on this project included Kevin Washington, Krista Sayre, Kyle Ishimoto, George Kissamis, Blake Vacek