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Office Building/Headquarters
Perkins + Will
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The toughest part of this project was the amount of heavy lifting it took on the team. A normal glass board would take a 2-3-manpower team to move from point A to B. These glass boards are double sided, taking a 5-6-manpower team to move up a stairway with minimal space. That’s not including the extra support we installed. We installed a 6x6 post and two 2x18 planks by 24ft long for the main support.

The second system that we utilized for glass boards to slide on was “CRL Laguna Series”. This system was designed for mounting on ceilings or walls, so we had to adapt the hardware in order to attach this system to our 2x18 planks. We used uni-strap and all thread with washers and hex nuts to help combine both supports.

Once we had all supports in place, we ensured the rail system was leveled out. Then came installing the hardware on the glass board.

Once glass boards were mounted, we began installing U-track as our guide system for the bottom of the boards. There was a lot of play in track so we attached felt with double sided sticky tape to fix that issue. Now since the floor was not leveled, we had to use shims to raise some parts of the track enough for the glass to slide through and no pop out. To fill in the gap that was exposed we used black caulking to seal those gaps so you could not tell the difference.

Thanks to these men for their input and knowledge on making this project happen. A good team is where we draw our strength from within our ranks - Michael Gonzales, Project Foreman