Citation Oil & Gas Headquarters


Marek Location
Project Location
Houston, TX
Project Sector
Office Building/Headquarters
McEnany and House
General Contractor

Citation Oil and Gas Corp new headquarters building located n Northwest Houston is an 87,000 sf two story building. This building consists of 2 wings 155'x102' in dimension and is connected by a central hexagonal main entrance that houses a conference room on the first floor and the executive boardroom on the second floor. Both wings have ornamental open stair cases to the second floor right off the main entrance.

The exterior of the building is constructed of structural steel, metal stud framing, aluminum window, prefabricated truss mansard roof, and brick. The exterior framing for the wing buildings was not the usual exterior framing, rather, it consisted of infill framing between angle steel. The reason for steel angle was to support the windows and the cast stone window ledge soffits and sill.

The interior was constructed of metal framing members and drywall using an under-grid wall aluminum floatable headtrack configuration. The ceiling height is 10' with a multitude of 8' high interior sidelight windows and doors. The walls in the core conference room consist of a writable wall covering on one side and a magnetic surface on the opposite both of which required a Level 5 finish. The majority of the office corridor walls are full with glass in aluminum frame and are laterally supported by furrdowns.

Located at the central hexagonal shaped hub is the main entry to both wing buildings. This two level hexagonal structure is capped with an additional 22' high stair stepped cupola. This 6 sided cupola allows natural light to enter the executive boardroom and provides a great back drop to high light the wagon wheel spoke furrdown above the boardroom table. One of the most unique features of the building is the wagon wheel spoke/hub furrdown spanning the width of the room, approximately at midpoint between the floor and ceiling of the cupola.

Specialized craft training was given both on the jobsite as well as in the office. Before an employee goes to the jobsite, they are trained for power actuated tools, scaffolds, stilts and scissor lifts. For this project, several employees also received training for boom lifts and swing stages.