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Rational Middle: What is the Path to Sensible Immigration Reform?

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The first two episodes of Rational Middle: Immigration, a new web series discussing the challenges and opportunities of fixing the broken immigration system, are now streaming. Watch below:

About Rational Middle:
During these tumultuous times, immigration has become a hot-button issue. Histrionics have ruled the day and started a firestorm of debate on the issue. This has led to misinformation on both sides, creating unyielding dissent and stasis on the hyper-important immigration issue.

Because there is no information standard bearer, the two sides of immigration will continue to stand far apart. The Rational Middle of Immigration will strive to change that. By creating films that present the facts and contextualize them, we hope to bring together both sides of the immigration debate and help create an open path for a civil, solutions-based conversation that leads to substantive change in attitudes and, ultimately, policy.

The Rational Middle, an award-winning media company, and the Center for Houston’s Future (our funding partner) have teamed up to tackle the contentious issue of immigration and to help catalyze a discussion about sensible immigration reform. Join the Rational Middle movement by viewing and sharing the films with your community and your elected officials. Watch this page or join us on Facebook for more episodes and upcoming events in your area.