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Weekly Toolbox Talk: That Will Never Happen to Me

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Not me! That will never happen to me! How many times have we heard someone say that? You may be the guy that may feel like accidents happen just to others, not you. None of us are totally safe guarded from a life- changing event, such as having an accident and getting seriously hurt. This could happen at the work or at home. That is why we should always be on guard and pay attention to what we are doing and watch our surroundings.

Have you taken the time to think what you and your family would go through if you were unable to work for an extended period of time due to an accident? What if you became disabled for life or worse, you had a fatality? Who would provide for your family? This is why the MAREK is committed to safety, and safety is the number one goal. We want you to always remember that it could happen to you if you loose focus and neglect to do your part in keeping yourself and those around you safe. It is your responsibility!

As you leave the jobsite injury free, you have achieved the ability for your family to see you the same way as when you left to go to work that morning. Don’t stop there; keep those positive safety habits working for you when you are working around the house. Returning to your loved ones is a great feeling each day so make sure you stay safe at work and at home so you can enjoy being with them. Keep in mind, it can happen to you!

MAREK provides you with proper training, Toolbox talks, tools and equipment to do your job safely. You must be alert at all time and be motivated to watch for your safety and those around you. Don’t be one to say it will not happen to me, but be focused on what you do at all times. Safety is everyone’s business. This includes the person who says it will never happen to him. Within seconds, you could have a life-altering event that could change your life forever. Therefore let's all remember safety is not just for someone else. We all have a part to do each and every day whether it’s a work or at home. The thought should always be in our mind, it could happen to me, I must take it seriously!!

Remember you are consider a MAREK family member, and as a token of our appreciation for the people who make our company great, Marek is bringing you the opportunity to win an array of exciting prizes during our upcoming Employee Bingo game beginning in January 2016!


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