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Weekly Toolbox Talk: War on Falls - Working on Mobile Scaffold

Mobile (also known as rolling) scaffold setups require you to use the same common sense safety rules that apply to the use of stationary upright scaffolding. You should always keep the planks clean; never overload the unit and watch where you are walking.

In addition, they require a separate set of cautions that are particular to their design. Since they are constructed to allow movement of the work platform, they demand that you incorporate a separate set of safety rules into your work routine in addition to the requirements that apply to everyday scaffold use.

You should never ride a rolling scaffold. Many injuries are caused when a person is thrown from a moving unit that abruptly stops when it hits an object left in its path. Always dismounts from the equipment before you move it. Remember if you are on the scaffold while is being moved you must be at a 2 to 1 racial; that is below 10 feet and holding on to the guardrails and on your knees. Never attempt to move the setup by standing on the platform and pushing or pulling the tower or platform around the floor. You can easily pull the entire scaffold over if you hung up on something on the floor.

Make sure all of the wheels are locked before you begin to use the scaffold. Check and double-check the wheel brakes. Make sure that all wheels are in good working condition before using any type of scaffold.

Do not attempt to use the rolling scaffold on a non-level surface. You may think that the tower is secure on an incline, but you could cause it to topple over if you overload one end of the platform with materials and employees.

Make sure the platform is securely in place. Do not get hit with a sliding plank or platform piece when you move the tower. Be extra alert for other workers and building personnel. Do not block exit passageways and stairwells, even for a moment. Be careful when you move the setup and look for other people in your path.

Finally, unlike with a fixed scaffold, the work area will change every time you move the rolling scaffold. Be alert for hazards above and below you. Inspect the work area every time you move the scaffold.