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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Think Safety 2014

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The beginning of a new year is always a good time to evaluate how we work together and can emphasize safe production habits in everything we do. Safety will not occur by chance: it takes every worker’s determination and effort each and every day.

A safe production record is built by people who recognize that falls from elevation will kill. These workers take all necessary steps to prevent any type of fall, knowing that The Marek Family of Companies will provide the materials to make safe work places. These workers do this every time someone will be working above ground level.

If every employee takes safety seriously by taking corrective actions immediately wherever unsafe conditions or acts happen, as a company we will be able to eliminate accidents.

The Marek Family of Companies provides the right tools, trained supervisors and high quality materials, all for the sole purpose of safely installing our products at maximum profit.

But our company is not just a group of profit figures: it is made up of good, hard- working people pushing together to accomplish the same goal of getting to work today, tomorrow and the next days. That all our employees can get there is the result of our collective efforts to keep our workplace safe.

Remember!! Let’s start this year with a safe attitude so we can continue our path to an injury free environment in 2014.