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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Suspension Recap


This zero tolerance means that certain unsafe employee actions will automatically result in suspension from work. So that employees understand what these actions are that will result in suspension, we will recap the WAR ON FALLS safety violations that will result in a minimum two-day suspension.


  1. Standing on the top or first step of a ladder
  2. Walking a ladder
  3. Standing on the backside of a portable ladder or standing while facing away from the ladder.
  4. Straddling over the top or sitting on the top of a ladder.
  5. Overreaching the upper trunk of the body beyond the confines of the ladder.
  6. Using any ladder with a major defect that was missed during daily inspection
  7. Failure to follow three point climbing rule


  1. Working on Web-Tex scaffolding above 48 inches without guardrails
  2. Working on J-line scaffolds above 6 feet without guardrails or fall protection
  3. Failing to lock wheels on scaffold.
  4. Working on any platform that is not fully decked.
  5. Failing to lock/inspect/check all trusses and braces.
  6. Stepping or climbing on the braces of any scaffold
  7. Failing to secure wheel to J-line scaffolding with gravity pins.
  8. Standing on any part of the guardrail of a scaffold
  9. Failing to chose the proper scaffold for the job such as using Web-Tex scaffold outside of confined areas such as stairwells, small rooms and hallways
  10. Failing to follow three-point climbing rule. 


  1. Walking in an area that has obviously not been cleaned, working within three feet of trash piles or materials in the area, or creating tripping and/or slipping hazards with debris from our work
  2. Working on stilts with major defects missed during daily inspection.
  3. Working around guardrails or window openings without raising the guardrails a proportionate amount to the height of stilts.
  4. Walking in areas with holes or drop-offs in the floor.
  5. Stepping off the floor while on stilts–as in stepping up ladders or stairs
  6. Jumping on or off stilts


  1. Any employee working in any area where a six-foot fall exposure exists, and choosing not to provide protection will be issued a minimum two-day suspension without pay.
  2. Any employee removing fall protection in any work area and leaving the area exposed will be issued a minimum two-day suspension without pay.
  3. Any employee using an unstable object that has not been approved by your foreman and can expose you to a fall will be issued a minimum two-day suspension without pay There is no way to list every exposure that, if not acted upon, will result in a disciplinary suspension. However each item on this list will be considered an unacceptable work practice subject to disciplinary action.

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