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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Safety After the Hurricane

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The MAREK team stands united during this challenging time. We know many of our team members are dealing with damage to homes and vehicles, being temporarily displaced or sup- porting friends and family who have been affected by the storm.

Thank you for being here today. We are proud to be part of a city like Houston and a team like MAREK who sticks together. MAREK is establishing a relief fund for employees affected by Harvey and a special team to help connect those in need with community resources or with other employees who want help. Many of you helped your neighbors weather the storm and are now asking how you can help your MAREK family. More info to come soon.

Our customers are looking to us to step up in the coming weeks, stay positive and work together to accomplish great things. We know the MAREK team will rise to the occasion just as we have in the past. As we return to the jobsite, it is more important than ever we pay special attention to safety before each and every task. Winds and flooding may have caused damage to the site since we left last week. Let’s take a moment to focus on the task at hand and prepare to be safe.

Special Storm Considerations

  • First, treat this like a new jobsite. DO NOT assume the jobsite you left is the same when you return!
  • Wind and water may have created new hazards.
  • The jobsite may have less supervision or safety oversight than you are used to seeing.
  • Prepare to assess the circumstances completely, as if there has been no prior review.


  • When you find out where your jobsite is please consider:

✓ What is your travel route to the job?
✓ Is this route passable without water hazard or other challenges?
✓ What information does your project supervisor have?
✓ Be very careful when transporting tools and equipment to the project. DO NOT attempt to transport anything to the project without a clear understanding where you are going. DO NOT hesitate to turn around!
✓ Be sure you have adequate fuel for the journey. There have been some lines to get gas, so be prepared in advance.

At the Jobsite

  • Perform a jobsite safety evaluation
  • Review job site access and exits for potential collapse hazards
  • Inspect all equipment before use, especially if exposed to water
  • Be aware of hazards from exposed nails or broken materials such glass or wood
  • Watch for animals that might have enter the construction site during the flood. 
  • Do not touch any electrical locations that might be underwater
  • Report all electrical hazards to your supervisor and ask on how to proceed.
  • Check ground conditions before operating any scissors/boom lifts. Areas exposed to extreme water can be subject to sinkholes/collapse
  • Make sure all generators are in a well ventilated area if we use them.
  • Check your First Aid Kits and make sure they are complete to help in case they are need it. If in fact you are going to a remediation/recovery site, your First Aid kit may be the only one there. DO NOT assume there will be one there
  • Don’t walk into any space with standing high water
  • Use proper gloves handling wet material or trash
  • Review important contact phone numbers in case incidents need to be reported or someone has to be contacted for emergency.
  • Report any minor injury so we can properly take proper if need it.
  • Consult with your supervisor if you need PPE before work begins so he/she can issue accordingly.
  • If any material needs to be transported check with Oak Forest Lumber or third party supplier, please do not transport materials and equipment unless absolutely necessary; see TRAVEL above


We might not have been able to discuss all of the safety precautions that you might encounter at your jobsite, but we can surely ask you to stay in contact with your coworkers and supervisor so we can address any situation that arises during our work hours. If you have an emergency at home and you might have to leave early or take days off, please inform your supervisor or any one at MAREK.

Remember, we are all in this together!! We are here for you and want to ensure you return home safely to your family at the end of the day.