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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Personal Safety Measures



The Marek Family of Companies is responsible for training you in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions and of the safety hazards applicable to your workplace.

However, you are also an important player in jobsite safety and security. The simplest of tasks, such as placing trash where it belongs, picking up extension cords when not in use, and stacking material out of the way, may seem unimportant and unnecessary, until someone gets hurt.

Start today to make a difference at your jobsite. Good construction site safety and security not only protects your jobsite, it also protects your own personal safety, your tools and your coworkers. Your role in keeping your jobsite safe is very important. Theft, injury, fire and other jobsite problems can cause you and your coworkers a real bad experience. Use the following personal safety measures to keep yourself and others safe at the job site. Personal Safety Measures

General safety rules that can help you avoid injury are:

  • Wear the appropriate clothing for the job you are doing. Winter cold and summer heat can present problems on the job. Long sleeve clothes might help prevent lacerations on forearms and elbows.
  • Wear appropriate safety shoes
  • Personal protective gear must always be a part of your wardrobe when appropriate. Safety glasses, hardhats and safety shoes should be part of your permanent equipment and worn when required.
  • Rings, earrings, watches and other jewelry are always a hazard, and should not be worn when working.
  • Never participate in or tolerate horseplay. Supposed fun can turn into tragedy.

Remember!! Always be aware of safety on the job site. It could save your life, so keep site safety at the front of your mind.