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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Paying Attention Could Save Your Life

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The Marek Family of companies takes a lot of effort in making sure each employee has the safest working environment possible. They make sure all the tools are in safe and working condition. All of our scaffolds and ladders are inspected before their use.

They inspect all these for anything that may compromise its intended purpose, in other words your company has your safety as their number one priority. One of the most important part they play in safety is having an organized safety jobsite meeting at least two times a week, usually one on Monday morning and a follow up on Thursday.

Then time is spent to discuss certain topics that our safety team has chosen for that week or to discuss any particular jobsite hazards you may encounter on your job. There is a great effort made by our company and supervisors to make sure you are safe, but there is a certain obligation each one of us has to do. Make sure we keep our self out of harms way. It is very important that while a safety meeting is conducted you pay very close attention, whether it is presented in English or Spanish.

All the important information regarding your safety is presented at these meetings; you must clear your mind of any distraction and pay attention to what is being discussed so you can apply that information to your work habits.

THIS COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!! Or keep you from getting seriously hurt. If you have any questions about what’s presented ask, if you have noticed any unsafe act or condition bring it up for discussion. Remember its you and those around you who are in harms way, so don’t leave it up to someone else to keep you safe, that’s your obligation to your self, your family and your co-worker.

So let’s not use our time spent in our safety meeting to day dream, but to get valuable information so you can work safely and productive and come home to your family without any injuries!!

Toolbox Talk