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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Employee Handbook - Part II

In the event an employee is involved in an accident or sustains an injury while on the job, they must report it to their supervisor immediately regardless of its severity. First aid supplies are normally maintained at jobsites to take care of certain minor injuries. When medical attention is warranted, the supervisor will assist the employee in getting to proper medical facilities.

Where the seriousness of an injury is in question, the supervisor and/or the Company reserve the right to require an employee to seek medical attention even if the employee feels it is not warranted. In addition, an injury occurring on the last workday of the work week will require an employee to seek medical attention. Employees are expected to cooperate with all aspects and treatment of an on-the-job injury including, but not limited to, making and keeping medical appointments and maintaining regular communication with the Personnel/Human Resource Department concerning their return-to-work status.

The Company requires that all employees cooperate in making our facilities and jobsites cleaner and safer places in which to work. Please use trashcans that are available and do not leave trash or bottles of any kind on the jobsite, within company vehicles, or any other company property. The Company welcomes any suggestions toward making our facilities or jobsites the cleanest possible.

The Company provides all of the necessary scaffolding, lasers, cut off saws, stocking equipment and larger tools for employees to do their jobs. However, employees are required to purchase their own personal hand tools that they will need. No tools, except those an employee has purchased, are allowed to be removed from the jobsite and/or Company property. Employees are expected to take proper care of Company tools and equipment, and in the event of loss or damage due to negligence, the employee will be responsible for replacement or repair costs.

Illegal and unauthorized substances and drugs, look-alikes, synthetic drugs, alcoholic beverages, drug paraphernalia, legally prescribed drugs in excess of reasonable dosage requirements, contraband, stolen property, firearms (including concealed handguns for which the holder has a permit), weapons, ammunition, explosives and any other hazardous substances or articles are strictly prohibited on any of the Marek Companies’ properties or jobsites. Employees found to be using or in possession or concealment, or having a measurable presence in the body, of any of the above mentioned unauthorized items, will not be allowed on Company property or jobsites and will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. All persons and their vehicles and personal property are subject to search, inspection, urine drug screening and all provisions of the Company’s Illegal Substance Policy before entering, while on, or departing the premises of properties of the Marek Companies and jobsites, and/or as a condition of employment or continued employment.