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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Employee Handbook Part I

Marek Toolbox Talk July 25 2022



Regular and on-time attendance is essential to the efficient operations of the Company and is an essential function of every employee’s job. Excessive absenteeism and tardiness are not only inconvenient, but they are also costly problems. While it is recognized that occasional illness or personal reasons cause unavoidable absence or tardiness from work, regular on-time attendance is required for continued employment.

Employees must call their supervisor or the office prior to 6:30 a.m. to report any absence or tardiness.

Unacceptable attendance will negatively affect any consideration an employee may receive for promotion, pay raise, and/or may affect the amount or date of benefits. In addition, employees who fail to maintain an acceptable attendance record will be subject to disciplinary action up to, and including, termination.


All employees are required to be at their designated workplaces (not just the jobsite) with necessary tools at starting time. A 30-minute lunch break is allotted at mid-day, with sufficient time to pick up tools allowed at the end of each workday.


The Company allows employees to take a break from work near mid-morning. The employee’s supervisor will establish the break time. The break is to be taken at the employee’s workstation and should not extend beyond 10 minutes. Congregating or sending someone for food or drink is not permitted. There are no provisions for afternoon breaks.


It is because the Company places such a high level of importance on the areas of safety and production that the use of cellular phones and other electronic devices including, but not limited to, digital media players, smart phone devices, PDA’s, etc., by employees for non-work-related purposes during working hours is strictly prohibited.