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Weekly Toolbox Talk: Carelessness Causes Accidents

Project Safe states quite simply:

Employee Basic Safety Rules, Safe Work Habits: “Careless disregard for the safety of other employees will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate termination."

“Employees will be expected to regularly inspect and evaluate the work area for hazardous conditions, and to report any changes immediately to the jobsite supervisor or safety advisor.”

Who is responsible for safety on the jobsite? Everyone and anyone who works for Marek is responsible for their personal safety and the safety of the group. Whether your crew size is seven or seventy, every employee has a responsibility to keep the job safe.

Every 90 minutes there is 1 FATALITY in construction somewhere in this country.

In the same time span 34 accidents and 350 near misses incidents will have occurred.

Carelessness was listed as a contributing cause of the accidents: careless handling of materials including studs, screws, and Sheetrock.

Carelessness as a cause of an accident is PREVENTABLE. Carelessness goes directly to an employee’s attitude and state of mind.

We, as a group of employees, must focus on safety and prevention by practicing problem identification and problem solving. To work at Marek, you must care about safety by paying attention to and avoiding hazards. Not just Safety First but SAFETY ALWAYS.

Everyone has some one depending on him or her, not just at work but at home. What would happen if you were not able to provide for your family due to your carelessness? How will you answer your children when they ask, “Why did you get hurt?"

Let’s focus today on eliminating careless acts. Whether it’s material handling, communicating with your partner, housekeeping – whatever the task - the Marek way is the safe way.

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