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Safety Matters Every Minute of Every Day!

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Safety is critical on every construction site.  It matters every minute of every day and not just during the safety talk, incident review, OSHA audit or client incident report.

According to ENR, 31 major contractors are launching the first annual “Safety Week” May 4-10 to bring additional attention to the issue on a nationwide basis.  These contractors are asking other firms to join in to raise the safety consciousness of every worker on every construction site.

From the ENR article, the organizers “belong to either the Construction Industry Safety Initiative or the Injury Free Executive Forum.  The companies in the groups can be fierce competitors, but they also meet regularly and exchange ideas about safety.  ‘We've seen too many people get hurt,’ says Robert Alger, CEO of Lane Construction and one of the organizers of Safety Week.  Both groups seek an industry-wide safety transformation.”

They have set up a website, Safety Week 2014, where you can read more about the initiative and discover ways that you can help make your jobsite a safer place.

Be safe.

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