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Employee Handbook Part III

Marek Toolbox Talk Aug 8 2022



All companies, no matter what their business, have certain rules of behavior that must be observed to ensure a productive, safe operation. The Marek Companies are no exception. For the welfare of all of us who work together on a day-to-day basis, certain actions are serious enough to warrant disciplinary procedures. Therefore, infractions such as the ones listed below will result in such action, which may be in the form of a verbal warning, written warning, suspension, probation, or discharge depending on the facts of each case. The Company reserves the right to determine the level of disciplinary warranted by the situation and nothing herein shall require the Company to engage in progressive discipline before terminating an employee.

Since it would be impossible to write rules to cover every situation, the following list is not intended to be all-inclusive. It illustrates some of the types of conduct, which are unacceptable.

  1. Unauthorized destruction, removal, vandalism, abuse, or theft of any property or reports from the Company, a fellow employee, or from any client or customer.

  2. Fighting and/or using profane, abusive, or threatening language.

  3. Withholding or falsifying pertinent information at the time of application of employment or during employment.

  4. Possession, drinking, or working under the influence of intoxicants or drugs, and illegal possession, storage, sale, or use of the same.

  5. Violation of safety rules and/or horseplay, or any conduct that endangers the life, safety or health of the employee or others.

  6. Dishonesty of any kind, including falsification or omission of any information pertaining to employment, employment records, timecards, employee daily work record, etc.

  7. Insubordination or deliberate failure to accept job assignments from supervisor or other properly designated authority.

  8. Possession of unauthorized items or substances on premises at any time.

  1. Non-productivity or job-related errors on the job or project.

  2. Dispersing confidential Company information of any kind to any employee not authorized to view or possess such information, or to any person outside of the Company.

  3. Harassment of one employee by another based on sex or any protected status.

  4. Sleeping on the job.

  5. Unauthorized solicitation.

  6. Excessive absenteeism or unacceptable attendance.

  7. Any other activity detrimental to the Company’s business