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The Craft Workforce - Pride in Being Essential

During these trying times created by the COVID-19 virus, it struck me just how important the construction industry is, and specifically the craft workers that build our structures. It is not a coincidence that those that make up the construction industry are considered essential along with first responders, healthcare workers, and grocery store employees, among others. The people that fill these critical positions are the foundation of our society. If you aren’t sure of that, just imagine the chaos that would reign without them.

Stream the Rational Middle Podcast

The Rational Middle podcast hosts Chris Lyon and Loren Steffy — with the help of immigration attorneys Charles Foster and Jacob Monty — dive into America’s troubled history of employment verification, workforce recruiting, education, misclassification, and the subsequent impacts on our workforce. They also discuss potential pathways to a solution.

Rational Middle Launches Podcast for Immigration Discussions

The filmmakers at the Rational Middle have now also launched a podcast tackling the tough topic of immigration. Their video documentary series on the issue, which you can check out here, offers a primer on how the United States arrived at the broken immigration system it has today.


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